Grouping zones based on common features

Hi @mostapha,

Is it possible to group zones per buildings in the list where buildings are totally separated but should be analyzed as whole? This is very helpful when you want to track your zonal settings knowing which one sits in which building.


Hi @amirtabadkani! Can you provide a simple example here? Are you trying to make it easier to assign metadata? Or are you looking to get a single value for all those rooms/zones?

@mostapha, there are projects that we have different building class types but physically separated, like two distinguished buildings. In case when we use the Pollination Rhino > LBT workflow for param optimization, having 200 zones as one list, make it hard to identify which zone belongs to which building class to assign the correct thermal profiles and etc.

If we could have a kind of group and sub-group lists for rooms that could be also translated into GH in the same format through PO Model that would be great.

Let me know if you still need further clarification.


Makes sense! This is somewhat similar to the feature request here.

Adding a concept of grouping the rooms together can have several use cases.

Until we have a better solution, I would suggest using a bounding box check for the rooms to separate them. I imagine you already have a working solution but just in case.