_hb_str ==> hb_obj ==> bake issues (bake rooms works: model does not)

HI this could / likely may be resultant of not reading the instructions as always but:

with the ghpy containing:

a = [room for room in x.rooms] 

bakes good.

but connecting the “model object” to the “model po component”:

No joy.

Am I missing something or trying to use this incorrectly?

Hi @tfedyna! Can you connect only the first item in the list and see if it works? It looks like the component doesn’t support a list as an input. @mingbo should know more about this.

AH!! yea I’ll check that right now!
been out of the code and Rhino for a bit so a bit rusty.
but as long as everything hasn’t changed since Ive been away:




tried slightly different MO: no-joy.

Obvs not big deal imo as the ‘just use the rooms’ works back and forth to Rhino side just fine. so there’s no “work stoppage” in my opinion: was just curious if this was a bit of a bug or user error.

Hi @tfedyna, thanks for reporting this, and I am finally able to check this issue. It turns out a bug in the PO_Model component. I just fixed it and released a new version. Please let me know if it works as expected.

Thanks again for reporting this issue.

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Awesome, thanks Mingbo!
happy to help, glad I could ID a bug in the course of using the tooling