Historical Pollination Versions

Hi Pollination team,

Would it be possible to make historical versions of the various Pollination installers available?

Many thanks,

Hi @charliebrooker,

Can I ask why you need an older version of the installer? We can always provide you with a link to download an older version if you need it.

We decided not to expose all the older versions to encourage everyone to use the latest version. We have been careful not to introduce breaking changes so the users can update their installation without any issues.

Let me know what you need, and I will be happy to help.

Thanks @mostapha,

The Buro Happold BHoM LadybugTools_Toolkit is built on the Ladybug Tools code and the code development timeframes and deliverables often put us out of sync with the current version - plus the process of getting an installer approved by our IT team and up on the internal software distribution.

It’s not a necessity for us, just a nice to have, to help with python library versioning / compatibility.
As it stands we’re saving copies of specific installers internally for development tasks.

I should note that I’m not actively involved in the code development, my colleagues Tristan Gerrish, James Ramsden and Tom Kingstone are more heavily involved - can’t find their Pollination user names.

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Thank you for the explanation, @charliebrooker. For your use case, keeping a copy of the installer internally seems to be the right way to go.

I don’t know how the CI is set up for the repository, but my suggestion is to use Dependabot or GitHub Actions to get an automated PR when a new version of the Ladybug Tools libraries is released and merge them in if the tests pass. That will ensure that your libraries stay in sync with the latest version and should work with the latest version of the installer too.

As I mentioned, at this point, it is extremely rare for us to introduce a breaking change in the libraries.