Honeybee does not recognize openstudio or radiance installations


I work for a university, and they gave me this laptop that has everything super customized with sophisticated security customization, and because of that, I have not been able to run any simulation in Honeybee.

As part of the university’s standard configurations, the user’s home directory is on a logical drive called N: and that drive is a mess because it automatically syncs itself in a university server whenever it detects the home network or a VPN, and programs do not seem to be able to write on it without permission and the ones that can write need to detect connection in the VPN.

Initially anything was working, and some errors were jumping the whole time, this was using the original install files from Food4rhino, but after writing an email asking for a customized installer, so it would be possible to change the installation address from N: to C, I was directed to use pollination, so I removed everything using the food4rhino uninstaller, as well as manually removing all the remaining folders, and I proceed to use the pollination installers, the good news is that now I choose the installation folder and I put everything into C and after the installation I now can see the all the components loaded, I can use ladybug and everything that happens in grasshopper seems to be working perfectly, however, whenever I try to do simulations it does not detect any of the installations neither open studio nor radiance, probably because the home address is automatically directed to N:, the component becomes red and it does not recognize the installation, so I manually installed open-studio, using the correct version from the compatibility matrix and still not running, and still gives error.

Here is a screenshot of the error and it says (from the red balloon):
Runtime error (PythonException): Failed to run OpenStudio CLI:


line 238, in script

and I manage to print the screen from the CLI screen, and this is the last thing that happens on it:

I talked with IT dep. at the university but we never got to realize what we need to do to fix this, is there anything you could suggest to me?


Hi @danielzepeda,

The error is referring to not finding the measure, not the OpenStudio itself. Few questions:

  1. What is the version of the installer/Pollination?

  2. Did you use the Grasshopper installer or the one for Rhino?

  3. What do you see when you go to the hb_os_gem folder that HB Config component shows? There should be a measures folder inside that folder with the from_honeybee_model measure.


cc: @chriswmackey and @mingbo

Thanks for your response. I installed everything using the Grasshopper installer from the Pollination Cloud App webpage. In the programs at features window, it says The Pollination GH Plugin - version 1.0.0 and when right-clicking the file> properties>Details it says file version

I ran the HB_Config component and half of the stuff is not recognized, the only recognized is openstudio and I suspect it is because I installed it again at the end, however, all the corresponding files for all the installations are as they should, I believe.


Hi @danielzepeda! This is very helpful. @mingbo, can you do a quick check and ensure everything is being copied in the latest version of the Grasshopper installer.

Awesome, thanks.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do or try, to make this thing work.


I have installed version 0.147.14 and all additional software is installed fine.


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Hi @danielzepeda, can you try to download the latest version and install it and see if it resolves the problem for you?

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Thanks for your time and help.

I uninstalled the previous version (including the OpenStudio Installation that I manually reinstalled) and then I got the new version from the pollination website. I ran the installer and everything went well, after that I ran the HB CONFIG component and this time everything is recognized.

I went to the example files from the food4rhino version, and I tried to run the single_family_energy_model example file and I did not run. It doesn’t give a specific error, it just finishes and there is no data coming out from the SQL output and the other components remain orange with the legend 1. Input parameter _sql failed to collect data!, I am attaching some screenshots I manage to take from the two CLI screens.

I hope this is somehow helpful,


Hi @danielzepeda,

Thank you for the explanation and the screenshots. Happy to hear that the installation issue has been resolved.

At this point, it is more of a Ladybug Tools question than a Pollination question. I would refer to the Ladybug Tools discourse for help: