Hot Water Loops Availability Managers and Big model size

Hi @mingbo,

I have tried to create a ground source heatpump system and a parallel working ASHP and it worked most of the time with a radiant system.
Then I realized that it has good results but maybe it is not working optimal, so I have set an availibility manager at the Hot water loop of the GSHP loop at 0.9 (90% of the time whole year) but than I got an error massage sometimes that it is not correct and I have a typo somewhere. When I disconnected the availability manager the error for bad_weak ptr showed up not so often.
I tried to set an availability manager to the ASHP loop also but it did not help.
Why am I getting sometimes this error message for bad or weak ptr, and sometimes for protected memory partition?
Has my model too much floor space? ( about 25000m2)
I have also tried with different geometry with about a 1000m2 and I got the same error massages.

Hi @kristofrol, this “bad_weak ptr” is mostly because of the issue in the OpenStudio SDK, and it usually can be fixed by disabling and enabling the component that has this issue. Because this issue cannot be replicated easily and constantly on my machine, it is hard to report it to the OpenStudio team for them to debug. Please let me know if you have a way to recreate this issue.

There isn’t really a limitation for a model to have a large floor space as long as your machine can build and run the simulation.

Hi @mingbo, I have created a sample file that is able to recreate this most of the time.
See the attached definition: