How do I insert internal doors?

Hello! First of all I would like to congratulate you for the amazing job with the plugin.
However, I have a doubt: how do I insert internal doors following the real world logical, in wich I have a single door between two ambients.
Until this moment, I understood that I have to do manually the same door twice (which one in one Room). Is that correct?

If you make a similar video to this one available (, but inserting an internal door, not an external one, it would be perfect because I realize that many people have the same question.

Hi, @isabellapsbarros, and thank you for the kind words.

We have made some improvements between the time that the video has been recorded and now. We now duplicate the door for you automatically.

  1. Solve the adjacency between the rooms.
  2. Adding the door to one of the internal walls. The Rhino plugin will automatically add it to the other wall, too.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Hi @mostapha. I read your comments above that Pollination automatically detects the adjacent doors and create a adjacent duplicate door but i am getting error when I try to create door as said above. What may be wrong am i doing!

Base_2.3dm (2.0 MB)


Is this the same for intermnal apertures? i.e., users only needs to model one aperture on the internal wall, and will the Rhino plugin automatically duplicate the aperture to the adjacent internal wall?

I tested it before, but the internal aperture was not automatically duplicated at that time.

Any help appriciated @mostapha

Hey @asisnath ,

I realize it’s subtle but there is a difference between the steps that Mostapha described and what you have described.

The SolveAdjacency command will not duplicate Apertures/Doors of one Face onto an adjacent Face since it’s ambiguous which of the two Faces is “right.” It may not seem like such a big conflict if there’s only one wall with a window and another without a window but it gets really messy if both Faces have windows and the two don’t match.

Instead of assigning Apertures before SolveAdjacnecy, try assigning them after solving adjacency as Mostapha recommended. As long as you add the Aperture geometry to both Rooms, the adjacent boundary conditions will be set up correctly.



This worked. Thanks. I didn’t follow the correct steps before.

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