How to assign the HB HVAC template to HB rooms

Hi all!

I am trying to assign an HVAC template to my HB rooms and I am not sure if I am doing this in the correct order. Specifically, I have the geometry in Rhino → HB Intersect Solids → HB Rooms from Solids, then assign to the output of that the construction set and program and use a True/False list as an input to the “conditioned” input of HB Rooms from Solids. After that I assign the HVAC template, followed by apertures etc, then solve adjacencies etc.
My question is: If I assign the HVAC template at the point described, will it only get assigned to the rooms that I said are conditioned in the previous step or does it completely override that and assigns it to all rooms? A quick check with Eplus loads indicates it only assigns it to the “conditioned” rooms and not all.

Thank you for the clarification!

Hi @elenialex, thank you for posting your question. This is a Ladybug Tools question. You should repost it on Ladybug Tools forum.