How to change IDs of Opaque/Window constructions

I’m trying to adding a new Construction Set.
For the Type Opaque and Window, IDs cannot be changed.

I tried to edit IDs in Schema Data, but I couldn’t.

How can I change IDs of Opaque walls and Windows?

For the Type Shade and AirBoundary, I can make IDs the same as Names.

Hi @keigonomura,

Do I understand correctly that you want to change the IDs so they are readable in the exported IDF/OSM file? Is that correct?

@mingbo, can answer why we have a difference between these two different cases but generally speaking we have made it hard for the users to change the ID because it can result in creating duplicate ID which will result in invalid models.


Do I understand correctly that you want to change the IDs so they are readable in the exported IDF/OSM file? Is that correct?

Yes, exactly.

I just wanted to make sure that you are aware of the PO_ResetResourceIDs command, which will change all of the EnergyPlus Names/Identifiers of these construction/schedule/program/etc objects in your model to be generated from the Display Name of the object that you have assigned in the Pollination Rhino UI. And the command will automatically update all references to this object in your model. So, if you have assigned the construction to a Face, the reference from that Face to the construction will also be updated along with the construction ID.

I fully recognize that, before this command, the methods for editing the identifiers of these objects were convoluted but this command should make it a lot simpler. If there’s a way that you can think of to make this even easier/simpler without changing the default condition to something that could easily create ID collisions, let me know and I’ll definitely consider it.

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I may have just realized an answer to my own question by looking at your other posts, @keigonomura . If the primary issue you are getting at isn’t just how to change the ID of the resource but how to avoid assigning the same display name to resource objects before running the reset ID command, maybe we can implement a PO_ResetResorceDisplayName command similar to the PO_ResetDisplayName which works similarly to what @mostapha mentioned here:

Thank you, @chriswmackey! I forgot about that one. A new command will probably help but I have come to realize there is a desire to use the display_names for more than what we considered as the scope. Here is another example from Revit.

I’m thinking of writing an app that provides a flexible interactive way to let the user apply logic for exporting the display names and identifiers based on the room/model properties. We can use the app to collect feedback, and if successful, implement something similar to our export routines.

Hi @chriswmackey and @mostapha,

A few times I encountered an issue that might be related to this topic - is there a way to remove whitespace and specific characters like (’ / ') from display names that are exported from Revit? This will cause problems when we use the LBT workflow inside GH - and have to rename them manually - so if Pollination can remove these characters in the first instance before exporting from Revit rooms, that would be ideal


Thanks for the suggestion @amirtabadkani . The PO_ResetIdentifier command automatically cleans out illegal characters like / and white spaces from the display names when it assigns them as identifiers. Can you be more specific about how and where these characters are causing problems and why you would rather not have these characters in display names exported from Revit?

I honestly can’t remember what the simulation error was exactly which I had to do the space renaming (not completely sure but might have been sth related to Ironbug where it couldnt recognize the rooms) - anyway, I wasn’t aware of PO_ResetIdentifier command too - I ll post the error here once I get it again - thanks