How to debug a failed Energy simulation

Hi Chris,

Thank you for sharing the .gh file.

I was trying to use it for TM59 analysis, but I can’t seem to access the recipe from your project.

I try to ‘Setup run’ to select the recipe from my ‘own’ project - but it is not in the list.

Would you help resolve this issue please?

many thanks!!


This is the second image :slight_smile:

Just an updated:

I have managed to add the recipe (custom-energy-sim, owned by ladybug-tools) from Pollination’s web platform.

Tried to run again, but error at ‘Load Assets’ component :confused:

Hi, @wxcchuck - It is because the simulation is failing on Pollination. You can see the error file here.

Hi mostapha,

Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

The error seems to be non-planar faces?

I just tried to run the same recipe on a much simpler room/model, the run is successful Pollination Cloud App

but there is no output from the .sql file (even though it appears to be >1MB)?

many thanks!

From what I see You haven’t asked for those outputs in your simulation.

Is there a reason that you are


You may want to use the annual-energy-use recipe instead which already has most of the default values set for you.

I think you are right…

I forgot to toggle this to ‘true’ …


Another issue is I can’t seem to find ‘bedroom’ program to assign to HB rooms, which results in incorrect filtering of data…

I have chosen the closest ‘apartment’ program for the purpose of the analysis - it gives results but I am not sure if I got it right… will try the ‘annual-energy-use’ recipe as you have suggested above :slight_smile:


another update here :slight_smile:

I ran into an issue when importing different weather files from 1)_URL and 2)local file.

the first method runs the simulation successfully ( 1b889215)

but the 2nd results in .zip file when it should be a .sql file out of the ‘Load Asset’ component ( **546c032e**)

Any lead would be appreciated! (748.5 KB)

Hey @wxcchuck ,

Your Grasshopper file has a lot in it that is not needed to download the results but I don’t have any issues downloading the SQL for that study when I do it with the Pollination components: (9.6 KB)

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