How to debug a failed run with Energy simulation v1.3.0 recipe

I am trying to run energy simulation on pollination, but it failed. Could anyone tell me how to debug?


Hi @yiding! Have you seen this post:

Hi @mostapha , thanks for sharing this post. I’ve checked the debug tab, but I don’t understand what’s wrong in my case. Could you please help me check this if possible? Thanks

Hi @yiding! Can you share a link to the problematic run? Thanks.


Hi @yiding, if you click on one of the failed runs you should see the error message at the end of the logs.

The error says that EnergyPlus has terminated the run and prints out the files that are generated. If you check the error file here you will see that the surface temperature is too high to be realistic and that’s why EnergyPlus is crashing.

I didn’t check your input file but this should hopefully help you to find the issue. Do you have a custom HVAC system that might not be set correctly? Did you try to run it locally first and see if it works fine?

Hi @mostapha , I am using the default HVAC system. I have run locally, which has the same error.

@chriswmackey, can you have a look and see if there is an issue with the default HVAC system. It might also be for a totally different reason. I haven’t checked the model myself.

It seems not working after applying the schedule. It works when I connected to the geometry directly.

Hey @yiding ,

Sorry that this fell through the cracks on my end. Which schedule in particular are you finding causes the error?

There seems to be a few things that are work fixing in your model. Notably, you have a Roof where your floor should be and, at a minimum, this seems to be messing with the internal gains in your simulation, which are computed per floor area.

There are also a lot of warnings about shades and I can see that the level of detail on these shades is fine for Radiance simulation but it’s way to detailed to be practical for energy simulation:

I recommend simplifying them into ~4 surfaces in total. That will ensure the energy simulation can run in a matter of minutes instead of a hour. I imagine that it will also address this “high surface temperature” case.

thanks Chris I will have a look in the model. The schedule I am using is the NCC JV3 example