How to debug a failed run with only main.log

I modelled a simple energy model with 3 rooms. Validation was done.
Test.hbjson (130.2 KB)

The energy simulation did not complete.

I can debug if idf or osm files are generated, but all I can see in the runs folder is the attached main.log file.

main.log (11.3 KB)

Any advice on how to debug the model to complete energy simulation?

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Hi @keigonomura.

You can also use log file identifying and removing errors from your model. From what I see, service hot water(SHW) system inputs causing an error. I believe if you could remove the SHW system from your spaces, you should be able to complete the simulation. Unfortunately, I cant see any input for Tank Volume through SHW panel. So, better to wait for an answer from the developers on this.



Thank you, @keigonomura!

@hlkocalioglu answered your initial question.

For the validation issue, I wonder if we can do a better job to catch issues like this before passing them to the model.

@mingbo and @chriswmackey, is there a way to improve this on our end? Don’t we already have a validation routine in Ironbug?

Thanks for reporting, @keigonomura and @hlkocalioglu ,

As we say, if your model is passing validation but it not simulating successfully, then this is a bug on our end. Let me investigate and see what it going wrong. It seems like there may be a bug in the translation of service hot water. If not, I’ll be adding a new validation check to catch this case.


Hey @keigonomura ,

I identified what the issue was by looking at your model. It was a bug that affected cases where you assign a SHW system to a Room like so:

… but the Room has no service hot water load associated with it:

I just made a change to the source code such that, when a SHW system is assigned to a Room like this, it is just ignored and the whole system does not make it into the resulting OSM:

This enables the simulation to proceed and I imagine that this is the closest thing to what you would want to happen for a case like this. It feels like this model that you have here was just a test case and not meant to be a real project so I wasn’t planning to rush this fix into an official release. Let me know if you feel otherwise but, until the fix makes it into an official release, you can just manually remove the SHW system definition rooms with no hot water demand if you encounter this case again.

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@hlkocalioglu @mostapha @chriswmackey Thank you all for taking time for my post. The model is not an actual project and I just wanted to test various setings if they are reflected to osm/idf files correctly. For now, I added a service hot water load to the room, and the simulation completed successfully.

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