How to draw skylights

I want to draw skylights manually. I can draw apertures to walls by PO_DrawApertures, but this command is not suitable for drawing skylights to roofs. PO_AddSkylightsByRatio does not allow manual drawing. What is the easiest way to draw skylights to roofs manually? Can we use a new command PO_DrawSkylights in the future?

Hi @keigonomura,

In Pollination, a skylight is an aperture that belongs to a roof. You can use the same commands to add an aperture to a roof. Here is a short recording that shows using PO_AddAperture and PO_DrawApertures commands.

Iā€™m not sure why you think the command is not suitable. Did you make sure that the mode is set to ElevationPlan so you can draw on the face directly?

@mostapha Thanks for your reply. I got it. I need to change the mode from FloorPlan to ElevationPlan, which is not mentioned in the tutorial video.

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