How to generate models with readable unique names

Hi @mingbo, is there a way to name the model hbjson files in a sequential order (e.g. “model 1”, “model 2”…) instead of just having the unnamed name?
My understanding is that the only way to get different hbjson files is just leaving the “name” input of the model empty (which gives the unnamed_xxxxxxxx.hbjson as in the screenshot below).

Leaving the “name” input empty works in terms of not getting the same results (because the hbjson files are different), but still it shows the same “unnamed” model name, which makes it impossible to find the correspondence between the model name and the hbjson file (rephrasing: trying to match the elements in the list on the left with the ones in the list on the right - the two lists are not in the same order)

Hi @emilianoadam! The best practice is to create a unique name for each model using Grasshopper components. I imagine that in your case you have several parameters that create each iteration. Here is an example of a room with different heights and depths and WWRs. (30.9 KB)

If you use Colibri it might already give you the name for each iteration. @mingbo knows more on this topic.