How to join my interior walls and make sure they're classified as an interior wall

I am running into the issue that my interior spaces have a ‘space’ in between each other. How can I go about fixing this? Since there is a gap between each room, the walls are also being classified as exterior walls when I export the pollination model into IESVE.

I currently have the walls set to ‘at wall finish’.

-any help is much appreciated!

In step 1 you can choose Wall Center as the location of the room boundary calculation. That should fix it.

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I swapped to at wall center and the gaps did close, now when I import the model from revit to IES the walls are almost showing up that they are their own space. Is this correct? I’d like the rooms to be directly adjacent to each other.

I’m new to the IES/pollination process so I’m not sure if my model ‘looks’ right or not.

Hi @cfrank, it looks like that the rooms are intersecting. Did you watch the video tutorial on how to prepare your model in extruded mode?

Hi @cfrank, did you solve your issue? Let me know if you want me to help you with reviewing your file.