How to subtract Pollination rooms from one another?

Thank you Mostapha, that’s a useful IES tip. Can I ask how to achieve this “subtract” in pollination?

Hi @xavierzhou, :wave: Welcome to the forum!

I imagine your question is about subtracting rooms from one another and not intersecting the top face of the room. In that case, since the Rhino plugin doesn’t natively support the BooleanDifference command you have to run the BooleanDifference on Rhino’s geometry first and then use the PO_AddRooms command to make the room.

If your question is about splitting the faces, you can use Rhino’s SplitFace command. The SplitFace command is compatible with the Rhino plugin. FYI, here is the list of Rhino commands that are currently supported by the Pollination Rhino plugin.

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