How to visualize the results of the LEED DAYLIGHTING OPTION ONE local run in the app?

I bought an app subscription thinking I could have used the cloud to run LEED Daylighting option 1 App, but I do not understand how to do that, also I do not understand what is included in my subscription.
I have to perform daylighting simulations for LEED option 1, I have a monthly app subscription (to use one app…?)
I run daylighting option 1 locally on my pc so it created a hb jbson model file and I have wea file too, I upload those into my project folder, I then push “create study” button, but nothing happens.
Study is not created, I cannot run it or load results from my pc…
The only way is to by the 400 per month cloud subscription what did I take for the 80 subscription?
Please explain me how to do…

Hi @francescoemanuelecon,

Sorry for the confusion. If I understand correctly, you have run a LEED daylight simulation locally, and you want to use the app for some results post-processing. Currently, you cannot use the LEED apps app for local runs. You can only use them with the runs on Pollination.

You have two options:

  1. Use the Grasshopper plugin for post-processing. You can find the tutorials in this post: LEED Daylight Option I is now publicly available on Pollination!

  2. Run the study on the cloud. If you don’t mind running the project as public, you can run it for free under your personal account. Each account has 3 hours of free subscription. Otherwise, you must create an organization, and pay for a cloud subscription.

In any case, I put in a refund request for your app subscription. The subscription for the apps is only required if you want to host your app on Pollination.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks Mostapha, both for refunding and the explanation.