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Greetings team!

Thanks for enabling IDA ICE export with pollination, great work so far, I am very excited for this! Here are some general feedback from initial testing with Revit 2023.

  1. Some rooms/space is not found in the temp folder. 16 rooms missing out of 306 rooms. I cannot see if there is any particular issues or special room shapes.

  2. Aperture is not matching model. Might be a model specific problem.

    HBJson in Rhino

  3. Great work on building body based on room grouping. Is it possible to set building body for all rooms and only select some rooms to export? The IDA ICE model can become quite “heavy” when exporting multiple rooms and levels.

  4. Looks like building body height based on space height. Is it possible do modify it to extend between floors or set it to roof thickness?


Looking forward for the upcoming IDA ICE Meetup :smiley:

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Hi @tk1 - Thank you so much for the feedback.

I wonder if this is happening because of the non-ASCII characters in the name. In this case the character after M. The easiest way for us to debug this is if you can create a room in IDA-ICE and set the name to what you have here or something similar, save it and then share the IDM file with us. That way we can see what IDA-ICE does under the hood.

This is a known limitation of the Revit plugin for handling windows with concave shapes. This will be resolved in one of the upcoming releases. The export to IDA-ICE senses that the window is not rectangular and translates it to a rectangular window.

If I understand your question correctly that you still want the full building body for all the rooms but not the rooms themselves, technically, we can support this, but I need to better understand the workflow that you have in mind. Wouldn’t the model be dysfunctional if you only export a few rooms? Don’t you need all the rooms? Can you tell me how you will be using the model in that case? There might be a better solution to support that.

Thank you so much for testing the IDA-ICE export and providing feedback! Really appreciate it!

Great, thanks @mostapha.

  1. Yes, have testet and is indeed the characters - ÆØÅ.
  2. From my understanding windows will be imported as separate geometries? split in 3 objects in our case? That would work fine, then we also get a more realistic frame for our windows.
  3. Usually we do a selection of rooms and dont necessary need rooms that is not occupied for daylight and thermal comfort evaluation. So we need the Building body to work as shading/context. Could of course be added in “context shades”, but dont see a option for importing objects here:

Thanks for following up!

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Thanks! We should be able to address this on our end. This is addressed and will be fixed in the next release.

Unfortunately, that’s not how the Revit plugin parses the Windows. It does take every panel for the Curtain Wall but it tries to merge the windows into a single aperture. We have been discussing this internally. I hope that we can improve it in the near future.

I see your point. We need all the rooms in order to be able to calculate the building bodies correctly. One possible workflow is to add an additional filter so we don’t write those rooms to the IDM file. That being said, can’t you just delete those rooms from the IDM file after the export?

Looking forward for the update :smiley:

#3 yes, I think that could be a work-around. But would be preferable to filter in Revit first. As mentioned, if we have many rooms, the model will be very “heavy” and will take some time to clean in IDA ICE.