Improvements to Alignement Commands in Rhino Plugin

Hello :pollination: Rhino users,

I imagine if we create a poll to identify the most popular Pollination Rhino commands, PO_AlignToGrid will be one of the top three commands on the list. It has saved many of us several hours of redrawing our models and helped us to fix plans like this one in a fraction of the time.

That said, there were two challenges:

  1. The PO_AlignToGrid command was trying to help with so many cases. It could be complicated to get started with the command.
  2. You still had to create the alignment lines for it to work.

To address these two issues we have:

  1. Broken down the PO_AlignToGrid command into PO_AlignInPlan and PO_AlignInElevation.
  2. Added a new command for PO_AlignToRoom.
  3. Added an option to switch the alignment method to align to the closest point on the line or Polylin endpoints.

Using the PO_AlignInPlan command is very straightforward. You select the rooms first, set or change the parameters if you want, select the alignment curves and then press Enter.

Or even better, in cases where you already have a room that can be used as the alignment guide, you can use the PO_AlignToRoom command.

As usual, these changes are based on feedback from you. For these particular commands, I would like to thank @charliebrooker, @kbren, and @victorbrac who brought up these limitations to our attention.

Happy Pollinating! :pollination:


We were working through this exact issue on Friday. Somehow you knew, and are already offering a robust way to speed things up…

Excellent work pollination team, looking forward to trying this out!

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Hi @jakechevriersg! If you liked this one you will more likely love the upcoming command for removing all the short segments in one go. And @mingbo is making the command interactive which makes it different from the other solutions that we had before.

Here is a screenshot. The purple lines are the fixed geometry after removing those segments. :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Excellent work Mingbo!
I’ve two feedback:

  1. the user manual seems a bit outdated. and I wish there’re more explanations in the manual too - ideally with a demo video clip.
  2. right now the split room by line seems to allow me draw a single line, i wish to draw a polyline

I’ve a question too:
Take your first video here as an example, and imagine the two grid lines cross at not 90deg but 45deg. If I align the room to the first grid line, then align to the 2nd grid line, what i noticed is that the 2nd alignment will possibly shift the room so it’s not aligned to the 1st grid line any more. Is there a solution to that?


Hi @xavierzhou! Thank you for your comments.

That’s correct! It is on our list to be updated before we send out an announcement email.

See here. You have to draw the polylines first and then you can select them: Suggestions for improving PO_SplitRooms command - #4 by mingbo

Good question! Can you post this as a separate topic so we can help you with that separately? A minimal sample will also be really helpful.