Include Face name in Pollination filter function and PO_Validate report not useful

Hello all,

is it possible to expand the filter at least to the first part of the auto generated face Name?


Also this feedback doesn’t make much sense. “A Face” could be any face.

Is it possible to name the face missing another one?

Hi @martin6,

Great observation as usual. We are improving the report to include both the name and the ID of the face as well as the name for the room to make it easier to find them in the model.

In this particular case, it looks like we forget to report the room that is now problematic and we just report the missing one. @chriswmackey, I recreated a similar error quickly on my side to make sure it is still an issue in the latest version.

Here is the HBJSON file for your reference.

box_missing_adjacency.hbjson (44.6 KB)

I should have known this request was coming. I had been holding off on this because it adds a lot of complexity to the code but I see that we are no longer in the world of searching through the HBJSON file to find the incorrect Surface boundary condition. Let me see what I can do.

I just pushed a change to the core libraries, which will give the display name and ID of the object with the missing adjacency.:

So this is what the PO_Validate command should show after the next time we update the Pollination Rhino Plugin and there’s a model with a missing adjacency:

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Thanks, @chriswmackey! This change should be available in the next release of the Rhino plugin.