Including the layer name in orphaned faces

Hi all.
While creating a daylight model through opaque surfaces is there a way to name new honeybee orphaned surfaces as corosponding rhino layer name as initials, like wall layers of rhino and Wall_1, Wall_2 etc, name as surface created under honeybee pollination tab. This will really help in sorting different layers and will be helpful in selecting and giving surface radiance properties quickly for walls, roof and floor type mostly.

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FYI! I think it makes sense to be able to keep track of the objects.

Thanks @asisnath for the suggestion.

Done! It will be in the next release.


Thats a great new! Thanks @mingbo . When can we expect the new installer?

Hi @asisnath I have shared the dev version with you via private message.

An update:
After a discussion with @asisnath, a few commands (PO_AddXXX) have been updated with a new option “NameByLayer” for users who want to create a new Room/Aperture/Door/Shade with a display name that includes the Rhino layer’s name of the input geometry.

Meanwhile, the PO_SelApertures also has been updated with a new option for selecting apertures based on specific orientation settings.

These features will be available in the next version.