INP Export Error

I am trying to export the geometry below to an INP file. The model validates inside Rhino and exports to OpenStudio fine but produces a geometry error when trying to export to INP.

The error does not show the room or surface that is causing the error making it hard to track down.

Model here for your reference:

to_equest_geo.3dm (5.3 MB)

I’ll check the model and see if I can recreate the issue on my end.

Hi @marentette! Good to see you checking out the export to eQuest. The error is because the code cannot create the polyline for the whole level. And that’s because of this hole.

We should give a better error message for this error!

In any case, everything works as expected once that error is fixed. I also removed the small apertures on those walls. Here are the updated files.

to_equest_geo.inp (679.1 KB)
to_equest_geo.3dm (5.3 MB)

I didn’t test importing the model to eQuest. Hopefully, everything works as expected.

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