INP Export - Exterior/Interior Roofs

When the model is exported from Rhino the interior roofs are showing as exterior. I separated the floors in the snip below:

Inside the Rhino model the interior ceiling is correct:

Hi @smarentette! Thank you for pointing this out, this was definitely not intentional and I will be able to get to work on a fix soon. What is the process for splitting the floors in equest?

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We trace the specific outlined zone from a duplicate of the model. The new created polygons are then copied into the working model to create the floors /ceilings. The floors and ceilings are assigned “Adiabatic” surface type. When separating the floors to check it should look like this:

@smarentette, this should be fixed in the latest release (v1.43.8). Let us know if you still see any issues.

Thank you @tfedyna for implementing the fix!