Inquiry about Compute Package Subscription upgrade

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I have a question regarding the upgrade of my Compute Package Subscription. Currently, I am subscribed to the Basic cloud computing package, which includes 300 CPU hours. I have already utilized 66% of these hours.

I have noticed that the allocated computing time is insufficient for my needs, and I would like to upgrade to the Enhanced cloud computing package. I have the following questions:

Can I upgrade immediately, (before using up the remaining 34% of the Basic cloud computing package?)

If the upgrade is possible, will the unused 34% of the Basic cloud computing package disappear after the upgrade?

In case I do not utilize all the CPU hours included in the package for the current month, will the remaining unused hours carry over to the next month?

I appreciate your assistance and guidance regarding these queries. Thank you in advance for your responses.

Hi @ziyudexiushisheji3,

Yes. You can upgrade at any point in time.

Yes. The upgrade will create a new subscription with its own usage quota.

No. The quotas are reset at the end of each payment period.

One item that you didn’t ask is that you are allowed to go over the allocated compute time and you will be charged for the additional usage at a flat rate. See the FAQ section on the pricing page.

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