Installer won't proceed past "Installing Ladybug Tools"

When running the pollination installer it gets to ‘Installing Ladybug Tools’ but then seems to get stuck. I don’t get an error but I’ve left it for a couple of hours and no progress. Tried restarting and running installer multiple times, Rhino is closed.

I’m using this version: plugins_dev_PollinationGHPluginInstaller-1.19.1, as I previously had it approved for download at work but can’t download any later versions (stupid I know, trying to get this fixed).

Could this be the issue? Or is there some other problem here?

My work has pretty strict IT security and I’m wondering if this could be contributing to the issue.

Another thought. I originally donwloaded this installer on Windows 10, saved it to my OneDrive, and am now trying to use the installer on windows 11, could this be the issue?

FYI the installer itself is now saved to my c drive, not a OneDrive path

Hi @ryanb891 - Sorry that you are facing these issues. I don’t remember if anything was in particular wrong with that version. It was released on December 29, 2022. That makes it really hard to tell!

If you check the %TEMP% folder on your machine that you are trying to install the plugin you should find a log file named installbuilder_installer_{a-digit-number}.log. Open the file and see if there are any error messages.

The installer is the same for different versions of Windows. That shouldn’t be the source of the problem.