Installing Pollination to Rhino 8 WIP

Hi all.
I subscribed to RHINO 8 WIP and wanted to know If pollination rhino plugin can be installed with Rhino 8WIP ?

Hi @asisnath,

We have been careful about not adding support for more versions of Rhino for the time being. It will introduce additional maintenance to help a small fraction of the users. I will defer the decision to @mingbo but my personal preference is to only add support for Rhino 8 when it has a notable advantage for our users. What features of Rhino 8 have made you make the switch? Are there any features in particular that would benefit other Pollination users?


Hi @asisnath, I agree with @mostapha.

What I have in mind is we probably support the last two major versions of the Rhino. So currently, the Rhino 8 is still not in a public release state, and we support Rhino 7 and 6. But when Rhino 8 is released publicly, I think we will support Rhino 8 and 7 at the same time, and remove supporting Rhino 6 from our list.


@mostapha Rhino 8 had some new commands such as push pull and inset for example which mimics sketchup like workflow. This will really improve speed of modeling. There for was wondering to test pollination if possible. But I do agree with both of you. Will wait for Rhino 8 official release than. Thanks @mingbo for the clearification.

Hi @asisnath, if you really want to use the Rhino plugin in Rhino 8, I think you can go to the plugin folder “C:\Program Files\pollination\plugin\7.0” and drag all plugin files with “.rhp” extension into Rhino. Theoretically, it should work fine in Rhino 8.

Thanks @mingbo for the suggestion . I will give it a try