Internal surfaces are all exported as outdoors

Hey everyone, Andrea again here! I have a thing to share with you, I exported the OSM model from Pollination to OpenStudio to continue modeling plants etc… I noticed that every surface is considered as outdoor bound and sun and wind exposed (blue surfaces in OS). I also tried to fix it manually in OpenStudio, but it won’t let me do it, I can only remove exposure from sun and wind. Do you know how could I solve this in the gbxml export phase or afterwards even using some other tool?


Hi Andrea (@therealtorte),

By default, all the faces are exported as outdoors. You can change this behavior by setting the Solve Adjacency to Full in step 6.

Click on the :gear: button first to see the settings.

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Thank you as always for your great support! This solves some problems but I still have some surfaces mismatched. Is there a way to manually edit their boundary properties before exporting or through another tool?

Hmm. I would check the model in Revit to make sure the Room faces are touching each other.

Yes. Our go-to workflow is to export the model as an HBJSON file and continue the fixing in the Pollination Rhino plugin. You should be able to fix them quickly.

Let me know if you want me to check your model, and help with the fixes in Rhino or Revit.

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I greatly appreciate your kindness. I tried to follow your suggestions and go to rhino to solve the problem. However, every time I try to use the PO_SolveAdjacency command the software completely freezes and stops working. I may experience instability due to the fact I am using it on Rhino 8 because I don’t have a licence for rhino 7.

The revit model is probably a disaster because it was my first time with it and I learnt alone what I had to do to design my building…

If you could try to run the solve adjacency on rhino I would really appreciate it!

Thank you so much!

Sciorba.hbjson (907.6 KB)

Hi @therealtorte,

Here is a recording that shows how you can clean up this model. I suggest doing some cleanup in Revit that will make it easier to use your model for simulation.

As you noticed we don’t support Rhino 8 at the moment but it is on top of the list. Here is the Rhino file after the initial cleanup. I wasn’t able to finish everything because I didn’t know what is the accurate room height but I hope this gives you an idea about the best approach to fix your model.

Sciorba.3dm (5.0 MB)

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I’m just adding the second video here for future reference. After @therealtorte made the adjustment that I suggested in Revit the rest of the process took around 5 minutes to have the model ready to go.

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