Intersection Issues between Rhino Plugin and Grasshopper when Exporting to Gem

I noticed when i exporting a GEM file from the Rhino Plugin there are no intersection issues but when brining in the Pollination Model to Grasshopper there’s a noticeable geometry “drift”.

When i run the model report in IESVE the Rhino GEM export has no intersection issues while the Grasshopper export has quite a few. Is this due to a tolerance issue or has this issue been reported before?

Thank you,

Hi @cflynn,

This is an unexpected error. The Rhino and Grasshopper plugins use an identical tolerance value. Importing the model to Grasshopper should not make any changes to the model. Can you provide us with a sample file to recreate the issue? Does the model pass the validation inside Grasshopper, and before exporting it to GEM?