Is it possible to adopt characteristics to window profiles?

Is it possible to adopt characteristics (Solar/Visible Absorptance Frame, Thermal Hemispherical Emissivity Frame, Conductance Frame (W/(m².K), and Frame Width (m)) to window profiles?

I ask this because I want to evaluate the thermal performance of a building according to the parameters of NBR 15.575 and, initially, the Standard describes a rather simplified window with window profiles around each transparent element, disregarding any dividers.

In EnergyPlus, one way to insert these window profile configurations is through the WindowProperty:FrameAndDivider object.


In this case, we should consider that the transparent element and profiles are at the same level, so the Frame Outside Projection and Frame Inside Projection fields should be set to zero.
The Ratio of Frame-Edge Glass Conductance to Center-Of-Glass Conductance field mentions the ratio between the glass conductance at the edge of the frame and the conductance at the center of the glass (used for multiple-layer glass), so we leave it as 0.
We leave the Divider Type field blank because the standard specifies the non-use of dividers.
The next fields (Divider Width, Number of Horizontal Dividers, Number of Vertical Dividers, Divider Outside Projection, Divider Inside Projection, and Divider Conductance) provide information about dividers, but since we don’t use them, we set them to zero.

It is important to note that by inserting such characteristics as described above, EnergyPlus will consider the glass vertices as fixed and will consider the window profiles around the glass. This means that the area of the transparent elements will be maintained, and the discount will occur from the wall area, which is very useful because no compensation is needed for the glass area when the window is added only around the transparent element.

Hi @isabellapsbarros ,

Yes, we have support for the EnergyPlus WindowProperty:FrameAndDivider object but we have done it primary through a frame property that is assignable to window constructions, which you then assign to the Apertures of the Pollination/Honeybee model.

The interface of the Rhino plugin does not yet have the fields exposed for adding the properties of the frame but you can create window constructions with frames in Grasshopper like so:

window construction with (24.7 KB)

… and you can add the framed window construction to your user library by using the HB Dump Objects component to write the construction into your library located here:


After you do this, the next time that you open Rhino, you will be able to assign the Window Construction with the frame to your Pollination Rhino model. Of course, assigning the framed window construction directly to the model in Grasshopper is also an option.

Hi @chriswmackey ,
Thank you very much for your help!

However, is it possible to add the following features to the window profiles already configured with a Construction (window material)? Solar/Visible Absorptance Frame, Thermal Hemispherical Emissivity Frame, Conductance Frame (W/(m².K), and Frame Width (m).

Additionally, when saving Rhino to IDF (Save As…), would these configurations already be included? If not, is there an option to download the IDF file directly from Grasshopper, instead of the JSON file, to avoid the need for file conversion afterwards?

I’m not sure if I’m missing something here:

You can see in my screenshot that all of those properties are included in the frame that you can assign to the window construction. And yes, this gets translated when saving to IDF. Maybe just try out my previous recommendation and let me know if you experience any issues.