Issues with fixing missing adjacencies for interior doors

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Thank you so much! it’s really great to see a dedicated development team like your…!

@mostapha I managed to solve all the issues following your inputs. The only issue that I am still not able to solve regards the “Missing Adjecency” of a couple of doors, I tried to use PO_MatchChildGeometry as you suggested but I am sruggling to making it work… I am missing some steps when it comes to select the source and guide object. I tried to look on the guide too but I couldn’t find that many additional info on that command. Also to Solve Adjecency seems not to work in this case…

Would you happen to know what’s going on here? or what would be the best procedure to solve this?
I made a video recording of the validation issues:


Hi Mingbo, this is a topic that I can use your help with to understand what is the recommended workflow. This is the same model that I documented on Basecamp: Basecamp Log In

Hi @piusto and @mostapha,

The main issue was from those doors are touching the edge of the walls. You can use PO_OffsetChildObjects command to fix those edges.

Make sure you set this “IgnoreInsideEdges” to yes so that it only affects those edges on or outside the wall boundary.

FYI, I’m just sharing the link to the video you recorded, @mingbo .

This makes the whole workflow for how to deal with this case a lot easier to understand:

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