Keeping North Consistent


First timer here so there’s a huge chance I’m just overthinking this a bit, but I’m wondering if there is a better way to keep my north direction consistent throughout Revit, rhino, grasshopper, and the visualizations in pollination cloud.

My model is a room imported from Revit via conveyor (rhino.inside). The import orients the model to match Revit’s project north with rhino’s y-axis. Because of this, I set Rhino’s north to match that of the true north in the Revit model by using the EarthAnchorPoint command and rotating north to the proper direction. When doing daylight analysis, (specifically direct sun hours in HB/LB), the Rhino north appears to carry over to grasshopper without any additional north input parameter. I notice this because the rhino render sun aligns with that of the HB/LB analysis results.

However, when using Pollination components in grasshopper, I see that the north still aligns to the Y axis of rhino rather than where I set north. Is there any way to allow Pollination to read the north I’ve created in Rhino instead, so I don’t have to worry about potential north alignment issues in grasshopper (i.e. an inaccurate or missing north input?)

Consider this solved and feel free to ignore! Looks like I did actually have a north input in the previous LB Direct Sun Hours studies, it was just hidden as an expression so I missed it. I do think it would be nice to have the ability to choose which north is being read though. Project North, True North, Y axis, etc. But I supposed it would be fairly simple to set up a vector for each direction and switch between them…

Thanks anyway!

I agree with your comment here. We have discussed adding project information to each project that includes weather data and north rotation so the user doesn’t have to set it up several times in the Rhino plugin. We can then load that information from inside Grasshopper too.