Ladybug Legend | Segment Text, How?

Hello All,

I am trying to add to the weather report sample app provided by you, I am able to add the comfort hourly heatmap to the app.

What i am wondering is that the legend segment text that get on the app is as per the data collection, which is from -5 to 5.

-5 = Extreme Cold Stress       (UTCI < -40)
-4 = Very Strong Cold Stress   (-40 <= UTCI < -27)
-3 = Strong Cold Stress        (-27 <= UTCI < -13)
-2 = Moderate Cold Stress      (-12 <= UTCI < 0)
-1 = Slight Cold Stress        (0 <= UTCI < 9)
 0 = No Thermal Stress         (9 <= UTCI < 26)
+1 = Slight Heat Stress        (26 <= UTCI < 28)
+2 = Moderate Heat Stress      (28 <= UTCI < 32)
+3 = Strong Heat Stress        (32 <= UTCI < 38)
+4 = Very Strong Heat Stress   (38 <= UTCI < 46)
+5 = Extreme Heat Stress       (46 < UTCI)

but in grasshopper it somehow translates these numbers to text as per the description as shown in the image below.

I have tried looking for this property, but I am not able to find it. Obviously I can just manually feed these values, but I am trying to find where it is in the SDK.

Please guide me to the right location. thanks.

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Hi @anujm1ttal, See this topic:

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Hi @mostapha
thanks for pointing me to that discussion. I hadn’t seen the ordinal_dictionary of the legend parameters. Its really neat.

I think you have the type set as float instead of string for labels in the heatmap chart.
is it possible to change the type to float/string.


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This is a question for @chriswmackey!

I’m not sure this is a question for me since I don’t know who wrote that code.

Could this be code that is in Ladybug Charts, @mostapha ?

Ah! Now that I see the question on a larger screen I see that this is related to ladybug-charts. I’m not sure if @devang remembers why that is set they way it is but you should feel free to edit the code as needed, @anujm1ttal. I also saw that you sent a PR that I didn’t have a chance to review yet! Thank you for that.

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I didn’t know at the time that in Ladybug you directly get the categories shown in the Legend. I agree that would be better to show the categories directly.

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@mostapha that PR is for windrose chart. its a feature to be able to rotate and change the number of directions in the windrose chart.

thanks for the hint, i will try and see if i can change the code in the dev version and send a PR for that as well.
Thanks all for your quick replies.

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@mostapha sent a PR for heatmap as well.


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