LB UTCI Comfort & HB UTCI Comfort - Probe points for CFD results / Custom Recipe

That sounds great! Looking forward to seeing that…

In the meantime, it would still be worthwhile to add the Ladybug UTCI recipe or expose the local wind conditions feature on the HB UTCI recipe for others without access to SimScale (aka butterfly users :slight_smile:

Thanks again for such a great platform!

This is supported on the latest version of the recipe. You’ll see that there’s an air-speed-matrices input that is intended for the purpose of specifying detailed air speeds from CFD:

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amazing, thank you for opening this up!

I tried to run a test run (as i have not used the HB equivalent of this recipe before, only the LB workflow), and I started without wind speeds. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get that to run and I’m coming up with this error…

Object reference not set to and instance of an object.

I’ll include my definition here… Frankly, it could be completely wrong for this type of study, but I’m going off of other peoples examples I’ve seen in the past.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! (58.7 KB)

Also tried to troubleshoot by using a different recipe… recipe works, but now the pollinate component doesnt…

Hi @jakechevriersg, for the second error you only need to try to login again.

I leave the first one to @chriswmackey to check the definition.

This was a bug that I reported to @mingbo ~4 weeks ago, which he has told me he had fixed around April 1st.

Are you using the latest version of the Pollination Grasshopper plugin, @jakechevriersg ?

If you are and this bug is back somehow, then @mingbo will know the best way to address it. FYI, @mostapha here is a link to the archived issue on Basecamp where we previosly addressed this.

Hi, @jakechevriersg, can you right-click on the component and see what’s the version of the component? If you are using an older version then try to install the latest version of the plugin and try again.

Hi @mostapha… today downloaded and installed the latest version from the website. I am now getting notifications when starting grasshopper:

component ID conflicts for ladybug components:

i hit replace all…

Was the installation location for ladybug changed? It seems i need to get rid of the old version?

thanks again!

Uninstalled all of my Ladybug and Pollination components, then reinstalled with the pollination package so i got it running, i would like to know what happened though, since im sure i’ll get questions about this in the firm…

New issues arise with the download weather component, fed in local files for now…

And then the run failed at the very end… seems like it had trouble with honeybee-vtk… do you think this is on my end? or with the recipe?

Hi @jakechevriersg,

The new installer is supposed to remove the old version by running the following command. Could you try to run this command manually to see if it works? If it doesn’t, then it’d be a question for @chriswmackey to double check.
"C:/Program Files/ladybug_tools/python/python.exe" -m ladybug_rhino remove-gh-components

Thanks @jakechevriersg for reporting the issues, I think the both issues are for @chriswmackey.

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What is the weather URL that you are trying to download? It might be because the URL is not valid anymore.

It is on us, and a bit strange! I will have a look and will ask @devang for help if I can’t figure it out. Here is the link to the run.

@mostapha, this is just a matter of updaing honeybee-vtk. I can do it.

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Yes. This is better to be posted on the Ladybug Tools forum.

Thanks! I saw that you used a fix after these releases. We need to update the release for pollination/honeybee-vtk and then update the dependency for all the recipes with -viz tag.

I also found another bug in pollination/honeybee-vtk. I’ll push a fix for that and update the dependency version.

Hi @jakechevriersg!

The bug is fixed! Thank you for reporting it. Here is a job that duplicates your job and here is the 3D visualization of the results: