LEED Daylight Option I Run Issue

Hi @mikkel ,

Running the LEED Daylight Option I, the simulation fails with this error:

“ERROR: “OutputMatrixMath” failed. See below for more information: Error: No such command ‘add-remove-sky-matrix’.”

I am wondering what this issue is referring to.

If it helps, the annual daylight analysis succeeded with no error.


Hi @mahagh,

Can you try to update your core libraries with LB Versioner? I changed one of the commands in the base recipe, two-phase-daylight-coefficient, some days ago.

Thanks @mikkel . It worked well after the update.

I just have another question about grid not meeting the 2% rule.

Here it says which grids are not passing the 2% rule but am not sure where the grids are referring to. I am wondering how to make it clear.


Hi @mahagh,

You can find these in the recipe output called dynamic_schedule_err. There is a list of failed hours for each of those grids. I also changed this output in the latest version of the recipe so it shows the display name of the grid.

The app will visualize this output automatically. Below is an example. I can at some point add a handler that will create a Data Collection, that can be visualized with LB Hourly Plot, so you can also easily visualize it in Grasshopper.

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