LEED Daylight Option I shade transmittance

Hi @mikkel, hope you’re doing well - it’s been a while!

I’m currently reviewing some analysis from the Pollination recipe and the section below of IES LM-83-23 is still bothering me, ie default blinds having 5% diffuse transmittance and no specular component.

Have you thought any more about making this change to the recipe? Personally I think it would be great to have.

I still haven’t done a test to compare, but the few projects we have applied this on, all of them we’ve had to use a lower blind transmittance value to comply with the ASE criteria - and I’m still suspecting the way the blind is applied (ie not fully diffuse) could be due to this.



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Hi @charliebrooker,

Thanks for following up. You pushed me to add a command (on my own branch) to automate the modified model with a generic blind modifier so I can easily test it in the recipe.

Just to re-answer this question, if they are modeled as 5% diffuse transmittance, and no specular transmittance, then it will likely help a lot with the 2% “problem”.

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