LEED Daylight Option One

Working with web application for LEED credit purpose, I got a result for my room facing south which was surprising for me. The WWR is not the same on the model and results! and seems the simulation was run for different orientations per 45-degree rotation. I am not sure what is the source of this issue. Would be great to help me with.


Hi @mahagh, thank you for posting the question here.

@mikkel, can you check what might be going on here? Here is the link to the study.

Hi @mahagh,

I pushed an update to the app that hopefully should work. I also noticed in the run that was linked above, that your model does not have any aperture group. For the LEED recipe you must create the exterior apertures as aperture groups, but you should not add any states to the groups for this recipe.

You can learn more about the process to set up the model for LEED option I here: