Login issue with GitHub

Hi all,
I would like to download the Pollination app. Although my email is verified in GitHub, I cannot get past the login screen. What can I do?
I would show you screenshots, but it won’t let me.

I’ll check this first thing tomorrow morning after my morning call.

Thanks @mostapha. I revoked the authentication to see if the website would resend the verification. That did not work. Now I am not authenticated, and I have not been able to receive a second email. I am out of ideas for the evening.

Hi @azerman52 - I checked your account and from what I see it should be working. I removed the GitHub authentication and left the option to log in with Gmail. From what I can see the email is already verified. The fact that you could log into Discourse shows that the account is working.

Can you follow these steps:

  1. Log out of the Pollination Discourse and Pollination app.
  2. Go to https://app.pollination.cloud and use the Continue with Google to log in.
  3. Once that is successful, try to log in back to Discourse (this page)!

Let me know how it goes!

Thanks @mostapha. Logging out of everything again worked. I did want my account attached to GitHub, rather than gmail, but that is ok. Here is the error that comes up from the GitHub prompt:

Glad to hear the problem is resolved! The GitHub integration can be inconsistent. We have seen issues with it before and we might remove it at some point in the future. I would stick to sign in with Google or sign in with email and password.

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