Low Temperature Radiant - Internal Source

Hi @mingbo

I am using Ironbug to set up a Low Temperature Radiant zone system. The simulation runs and seems to be working correctly but I am getting the following error with regards to the internal source construction:

** Severe  ** InitConductionTransferFunctions: Found Material that is too thin and/or too highly conductive, material name = METAL SURFACE
   **   ~~~   ** High conductivity Material layers are not well supported for internal source constructions, material conductivity = 45.250 [W/m-K]
   **   ~~~   ** Material thermal diffusivity = 1.157E-005 [m2/s]

Any recommendations on how to solve this error?

Tagging @mingbo here in case he hasn’t seen this already.

Hi @marentette,

Have you tried to use other similar materials instead of using the default “METAL SURFACE” from the HB library?