Manage Floor by Floor Height of All Rooms by Level

Hello Community,
Let’s say you have high rise building and the floor to floor height of multiple levels changed. How would you recommend making this change in Rhino?

Perhaps add ability to manage floor by floor heights by room level within Pollination UI? This would work great for extruded rooms, simply punch in the new floor to floor height for each level and have model update.

Workaround for now… go to front view, then floor by floor select top faces of all rooms on that floor and move to new desired height.

Hi @victorbrac! Great suggestion as usual.

@mingbo and I discussed this topic in length a few times and we agree that a UI that makes it easier for managing floors will be really helpful for folks who are coming from other energy simulation tools. I even wrote a pitch for it! :slightly_smiling_face:

It will not be trivial to do since the concept of levels is very flexible in HBJSON it will be hard to enforce rules based on levels. That said, a UI for managing the rooms based on levels is something that we can do at some point.

Meanwhile, and in case you don’t know, you can sort the rooms by level using the UI and then use that to select, isolate, etc. the rooms on each level.

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Thank you for the response. Good to hear it’s on your feature roadmap! I’ll use the workaround for now.