Mismatched Area Adjacency

Hi @mostapha

What’s the best way to deal with mismatched area adjacency? The error shows up when the solve adjacency command is run. Rebuilding the rooms and re-running the solve adjacency compounds additional errors.

I have sent you the geometry for reference.

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Thank you, @smarentette! I will be happy to check. Here is the documentation about the error with some suggestions.

If the geometry looks fine, then it might be a tolerance issue. In that case, I would try to use a higher value for the tolerance.

Hi @smarentette, I had a look, and I feel the name of the validation error might be misleading. The error is about the different number of vertices.

Which is caused because of this.

I used the PO_AlignInPlan to align the wall, and then I used the PO_RebuildRooms to merge the faces, and remove the boundary condition, and the problem was resolved.

That said, the model needs some clean-up to align the lines between the floors to remove all the small edges that are created after solving adjacencies.

Make sure that you run the PO_RebuildRooms first and merge coplanar faces before running the alignment commands.

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