Model not validating properly after deconstructing the model

I have built a very simple HB model and I am getting a model validation issue in Grasshopper after deconstructing the rooms and trying to re-validate. Note the model validates successfully in Rhino-Pollination, and in GH before deconstructing. See below:


I need to deconstruct the model to be able to apply absolute load values in my grasshopper script, as well as other modifications which require my rooms to be in a listed format. I have not experienced any issues in using this process in the past, could this be a bug in the latest updates?

Validate HB (46.3 KB)
240308 TM59 Template SIMPLE TEST.3dm (1.2 MB)

Thank you, @milog for bringing this to our attention. For some reason, the Model component sets the tolerance for the model to 0. That’s the reason you get the error from the validate model component.

@chriswmackey should be able to help you with this. I imagine we take the Rhino document tolerance as the default value but I could be wrong.

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Hey @milog ,

I’m really puzzled as to how you were able to create a model that has a tolerance of zero. I am not able to create this on my end with the sample files that you provided:

And Rhino does not let me set the document tolerance to zero. I see the file that you shared has a tolerance of 0.001 meters:

Did you somehow edit a HBJSON to make this model? Or edit the code inside the HB Model component?

Were you able to recreate this case with the sample files, @mostapha ?

I am also very puzzled as to what was causing this issue. I tried closing rhino and reopening which did not fix the issue. I re installed pollination and then restarted my PC, and that fixed the issue. Very strange… and quite hard to know what might have been causing this issue as I did not edit the component or the hbsjon in anyway.

I guess it’s just a strange glitch, then. Maybe it was a bug in a version of the Rhino plugin that’s now fixed. In any event, I’m going to unassigned myself.

If you witness this happening again or you find that you’re able to recreate the situation somehow, feel free to post back here.

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I can’t recreate the issue on my end either.

Let’s see if it happens again and we will try to find the source of the issue.

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