More Control on Exporting Models with Curved Walls from Revit

If you have tried to export models with curved faces from Revit you might have noticed that the Revit plugin breaks downs those curves into 4 segments automatically before assigning the apertures to them. While that approach worked well for shorter curves it could have resulted in too much simplification or missing apertures.

Starting from version 2.160.1 you can use the Arc Subdivision Length input to set a specific length for subdividing the arcs into straight lines.

Here is an example of exporting the same room using the older method and the new method using subdivision values of 6, 4, and 2 ft.

For cases that you need to exactly match the curtain walls, you can draw an Area Plan right behind the curtain wall using the midpoint of the mullions.

Credits to @crduggin, @mmeador, and @kbren for bringing this to our attention.

Let us know what you think of this new feature!

Happy Pollinating! :pollination: