Name Pollination rooms based on Rhino object names

My two cents on this. I believe a previous version of Pollination took the Zone name from the Rhino objects name? I often use Rhino.Inside or an IFC to Rhino importer to get the zone geometry and the BIM room name/ID is then used as the objects name. This made room naming really smooth when making PO rooms as the names came automatically from the object name and didn’t get lost if you needed to rebuild the model.

But its doesn’t seem like this is the case anymore? Would it be possible to add this in as an option to the PO_AddrooRooms command?

Hi @donald-otterson,

I don’t think we ever had this feature but I think it makes a lot of sense to add it to the command.

I imagine we have to change the NameByLayer option to DisplayName, and then have options for ByLayer, ByObjectName beside the current default naming.

We should keep the default naming as a fallback to use it if the object doesn’t have a name.

Your suggestion makes a lot of sense @mostapha

Thank you, @donald-otterson. FYI, this has already been implemented in the Rhino plugin and will be available in the next public release.

I’ll close this topic once we make a new public release of the Rhino plugin. This feature is now available in Rhino plugin version 1.48.25.

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