Nothing happens after clicking export


I have a big model of 5 stories with thousands of rooms. Exporting the whole model won’t work, so I resort to exporting floor by floor. All but one floor export well.
For that particular floor, after I click export, nothing happens. I tried to select only a handful of rooms on that floor, it works.
Question: what could be the reason I can’t export the whole floor? How do I overcome the problem? Thanks.

Out of which environment do you export?

Hi Martin, i export to hbjson

That’s what I thought, and answers partially what I asked.

Sorry but without more details there is no way to help you.

For instance things like, where is the model from. If out of Pollination is it valid? Maybe a screenshot of your canvas, and so on…

I’m using Pollination Revit plugin, so the model is from Revit (if that’s what you’re asking?). There’s nothing out of Pollination, I can’t export the floor out from Revit to hbjson - nothing happens after I click export button.

Hi @xavierzhou, make sure that you select all the rooms before clicking on export. Only the selected rooms will be exported. You can either use ctrl + A or the select all button.

Hi Mostapha, yes i selected the rooms.

Hi @xavierzhou - Thank you for confirming.

  1. I released a new version of the Revit plugin today that has several improvements for parsing and logging the errors. Can you try updating your Revit plugin and try again?
  2. If that didn’t solve the issue, can you check the logs file and share the logs with us? Is there anything helpful in the logs that indicates what might be going on? After you pass the step for parsing the rooms successfully you should be able to export them without an issue.
  3. Finally, and if neither of those suggestions helped, can you share the Revit model with us to recreate the issue on our end? Thanks!

Found the problematic room in the log file. The other rooms export ok.