Orphaned Shade and Aperture Issue

Hi all I think there is some issue in Orphaned Shade and aperture. If I try to copy an existing orphan shade or aperture the new shade is not displayed in pollination properties panel.

Secondly I am not able to apply shade or aprture energy construction properties. It reverts back to global construction when I click ok.

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Thanks @asisnath,

I can’t recreate the first issue, it works all fine on my side. But I fixed the second one, a new version should be ready in about an hour.

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Hi @mingbo In adding new construction shade I am facing similar issue as opaque construction. IF I use underscore or type β€œ.” before it throws error and I am not able to save the shade construction object. Can you please check that on your end.

Thanks @asisnath, just pushed a fix. It should be ready in about an hour.

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