Parallel HVAC supply system with availibility managers

Hi @mingbo,
I would like to ask you about modeling a GSHP and ASHP heatpump supply system given the available availability managers. Which objects can help to set a time based availability or a performance or temperature based availability for each supply system? How can I achieve 50-50% of consumption?
Using a probe for availability managers is not working for me for plant loops, is it only for airloops?

Hi @kristofrol,

I think you can set the availability managers directly to plant loops:

Thank you for your reply Mingbo !
But my question was really about the type of availability managers to use and the reason why it is not working for me with plant loops?
Should I create another hot water and cold water loop for ASHP?
Should I reinstall Pollination or uninstall ladybug tools? Everything is working except this feature on my end.
This is what I have tried to switch off ASHP at low temperatures:

Hi @mingbo,
Am I using the availibility manager right given my previous reply?
Thank you!

Hi @kristofrol,

Did you follow the YouTube video? The probe for this availability manager should also be also added to the loop:

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Thank you @mingbo ! I have already seen this video.
My problem is about availability managers with multiple HW loops or HW supply systems. How can I set each one of supply systems availablity separately. It seems for me that adding theese systems separately, like one for each HW loop did not change the results.
If I am using both systems in one HW loop, then the availablity is valid for both of them which I do not want. Am I correct?

Hi @kristofrol have you tried to use tree graft for multiple availability manager for each loops?

Hi @kristofrol, I created a sample for you.

Here there are two air loops and two plant loops and each of them has a sensor probe for their availability manager.

From the sample file, you can see the data structure has to be matched for supply and demand side in order to create two loops. All loop objects will need to be duplicated and put on its own branch.
AvaManagers for (30.5 KB)
Please let me know if this helps.

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