Parapet Wall - Boundary Conditions

Modelling for Energy Analysis.
The parapet wall is drawn as an orphaned face above lower floor pollination rooms.

The face can be categorized as a pollination wall or building shade but both definitions do not provide a boundary condition to the wall.

When editing the face through the “edit” button on pollination panel, it produces the error “nothing is selected in room manager”

Kindly advise on how the wall parapet should be defined for energy model.

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Hi @upawarcannon!

First of all, I want to thank you for sharing sample models with your questions. That is really helpful.

Now to answer your question, you should model parapet walls as shades. I’m not sure why would you need to set the boundary condition in this case.

I was not sure how it would read in the energy model without boundary conditions. Set them to shades as suggested