Path Error occuring between Load Assets and Check Run Results components after reinstall of Pollination

There appears to be some kind of path redirection error happening within the Load Assets component while running a daylighting analysis, where the designated path for the simulation is not the path that the component is looking for.

I’ve searched back throughout the (formerly functional) script to try and dig out where this highlighted path seen in error 1. is, coming from, but that path does not even exist within my system.

The error persists when I pull down new components, check and update all folder locations, run the simulation on local OR cloud, and use the script on different source geometry.

This error began after a clean install of pollination on a new computer, and has made the script unfortunately completely unusable in the meantime.

Is there a way to temporarily roll back the version of this component in my install to regain functionality? Any thoughts on what might be happening here??

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Hi @eheldridge, sorry for the issue. I know this issue came up during the workshops 2 weeks ago, and @mingbo pushed a fix for it. Can you tell me what version of the Rhino/Grasshopper plugin are you currently using?

@mikkel might also be able to help.

That tracks, this first happened a week or so ago and I didn’t have time to post until today.

After checking versions, my Rhino just prompted an update to 7.36, which appears to have updated the way the pollination components are running, which I’m assuming is the fix.

Things look good now, thank you!

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Hi Mostapha, I have the same error. I run locally the analyisis by using the Grasshopper Pollination plug-in but I cannot read the results.
I am using the Rhino version 7.0
Is there a way to fix it? Is it a problem of the software version?

Thank you very much

Hi @lucia1996, what version of the Pollination Grasshopper plugin are you using? If you’re already using a recent version, and you face this issue, I suggest creating a new topic and share your script so we can recreate the error on our end.