Peak and annual loads recipes for parametric-manyrun PO cloud use?

I could very well be blind… but are there not peak/annual loads recipes?
I know it sounds a bit silly as those are quick components to run in Gh; but I’ve got ~10k itterations of a shoebox and its taking forever to do on my bare metal and am looking to the cloud to speed things up.

If not: I SHOULD be able to make those recipes; since the recipes are all; on git PO org level repos; how to contribute them to the ‘accessable for all’ library?

Hi @tfedyna!

The first part is a question for @chriswmackey but I try my best. It depends on what do you mean by the annual load recipe. Is there a reason that you can’t use the annual energy use or custom energy use for this?

Everyone can push their recipes to Pollination under their account which makes it accessible to everyone on the platform. The way to do it is to set up a GitHub Action or run this command like this one directly:

Writing a whole recipe might be a major undertaking. If you can modify one of the existing recipes that will be a much easier starting point.

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Awesome! Thanks Mostapha!
I’ve been working today on an offshoot of your example design-explorer that will (hopefully… if I didn’t underestimate ~1500 results being processed at a time…) coincide with the aforementioned “lots of runs”, looking forward to showing everyone!


Sorry for the late response here, @tfedyna .

I have plans to eventually add dedicated recipes that will spit out JSONs of load balances for either Monthly Annual or Peak at the sim Timestep. I assume that the former is what you mean by an “Annual Load Recipe.” For now, you can get the Custom Energy Sim recipe to do the whole simulation part for you. You’ll just have to set up your Simulation Parameters to request the outputs for the load balance at the time interval that you want. And you’ll have to construct the load balance yourself by downloading the SQL and passing the values into the HB Thermal Load Balance component.

You’ll also have to make sure that your model is using Ideal Air Systems. When I eventually add a dedicated recipe to produce the load balances, I think the recipe will automatically replace any detailed HVAC with an equivalent ideal air.

Most of the Pollination functions already exist to make a recipe like this but, as Mostapha says, recipe creation has a really steep learning curve.

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Thanks Chris!
I ended up doing basically what you said;
Ideal air, zone sizing=True, annual sim with the relevant outputs requested;
downloaded en-masse all ~6k something sqls (RIP stuff I had to delete to make room :rofl:).

I think I’ll hold off on the recipe creation, wait until you’ve

then use that as reference to work on the couple recipe/plugins I’ve got in mind!
thanks as always!

FYI, @tfedyna , if your apps or your local postprocessing scripts are taking a long time to download the SQLite files, I strongly recommend using the Monthly reporting frequency on the outputs you request with your input Simulation Parameters. This will dramatically reduce the size of the SQLite files if this is becoming a bottleneck.

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FACEPALM… damn… You definitely hit that one on the head…

That does make the ML model I’ve been tinkering with kind of less cool :sweat_smile: