People Load by Occupant Count

Are we able to set the People load for just occupant count? I see it available in EnergyPlus, but it doesn’t seem available in Pollination or the Honeybee component. Is there a reason it’s only based on area? I suppose this really only applies to residential occupancies?

Hi @brentwatanabe,

I beleive it is possible. Have you tried to change this under the loads tab?

The value here should overwrite the default value in the program type.


Indeed it’s there at the room level, interesting. I was making a program and in there it doesn’t show up. Is that a bug? Only by area is an option.

Good question! @mingbo is the right person to answer this.

It’s also in the Honeybee component as Area only which makes sense from a commercial point of view. But for a single dwelling unit, I think we only want the number of bedrooms + 1 as the occupant load.


Hi @brentwatanabe,

We also have a component for setting up the absolute values for a room, which is the same as what we have in the Rhino plugin:

Hi @brentwatanabe

Once “By Room Program Type” is unchecked, the following people setting will override the people load from the room program.

Hi @Mingbo,

That makes sense at the room level, no issues there. So what you’re saying is you can’t set the program type to be people/room, you can only do it at the next level down ie: room properties? Probably not a big deal since it’s so easy to edit all the rooms at once, but if you’re making a custom program, is it best practice to then have the people load as 0 and then modify the loads at the room properties level?

Apologies for my oversight on that component!

Right, people/room is only available under room properties at the room level, and you cannot set it via propgram type.

I think it makes sense for custom residential program types, change the people load to 0 in the program type and set the absolute people count in room property.

Thanks for the explanation @mingbo!