Plugin Install Problem - Plug in not appearing in Revit

Hi All / @mostapha -

We have a user that just installed latest Revit plugin and found that it is not appearing in Revit after opening. i.e. that the Pollination tab is not present.

Have you seen this issue?

-Revit 2022
-He clicked to enable/load pollination when Revit opened


Hi, @victorbrac - I have not heard of this issue before. The fact that it asked for loading the plugin shows that it has been installed correctly and Revit has found it. The issue should be happening after that. Do they get any other error messages?

I assign this issue to @ksobon to see if he can provide a better suggestion to debug this issue.

Update - Got the plugin working. I guess there were two plugins installed, one installed for system and one for user account. solution was to disable one of them.


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